Most Flavorful Types of Fish to Eat When Visiting Miami Florida

While staying in Florida, you already know about the delicious fish. But when you are visiting Miami, Florida, you should taste the flavourful types of fish. Here are few of them to taste.


Commercial fishing and selling are illegal for the Snook fishes. If you have a proper legal permit, only a single fish can be allowed daily. With chunky flakes, the meat of the fish has a medium softness. The fish can properly absorb the marination and the dressings. If you want to get the taste of the old Florida, you should taste this fish.


The most common groupers are the black groupers and the red groupers. They have lean and white meat with a mild flavour and a large crunchy, and firm texture. Groupers are caught through drift fishing and protected from harvest in the waters of Florida.


Plenty of Kingfish are found in South Florida, and they can be consumed as the main course. This fish is also known as the King Mackerel. Every restaurant in Florida uses Kingfish as appetizer dishes where the smoked fish can be shredded with the mayonnaise cream.


The thick meat of the Swordfish is white with moderate fat content. It has a slightly sweet flavour that all aged people like. Fishing of swordfishes requires a permit, and a charter can be hired with a professional expert for fishing.


Dorado or Dolphin is also known as Mahi-Mahi fish. This mild fish has a very lean texture that can taste superb when fried or grilled. When you are ordering Fish fingers in Florida restaurants, Mahi fishes are generally served.


Though it is a rare fish and hard to find in restaurants, it has a fresh buttery flavour with less oil content. Catching a cobia is difficult, and they can pop up when they are near a reef. But if you miss the chance, they are gone.


Hogfish is also known as the Hog snapper. Similar to Groupers, it has a mild flavour with sweet undertones. The fishes are generally found in natural and artificial reefs. 

Yellowfin Tuna:

The yellowfin Tuna, also known as the Ahi Tuna, is the most common Sushi delicacy worldwide. The colour of the meat ranges from pink to dark red. The fish can be enjoyed with soy sauce and lightly crusted sesame. Every seafood menu in Florida contains Tuna. Most of the fishing takes place during the day trips to the Bahamas.


Wahoo means ‘good to eat. The taste of the fish justifies its name. In South Florida, this fish is found in abundance. The white flesh of the fish is tasty and of high quality.


Different types of delicious fish are found in Miami, Florida. When you are visiting Florida, you should not miss Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Snook, Grouper, Kingfish, Swordfish, Wahoo, Cobia, Hogfish, and others. Some of them can be harvested from the sweet water lakes, and some of them are found in the saltwater.